Satna - The Border City of Madhya Pradesh

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Satna is a quaint city situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It holds in its bossom the glorious past of ancient India and is a treasure trove of religious and mythological memoirs.

Historically a portion of the erstwhile Baghelkhand region, Satna district proudly boasts of its proximity to the ancient city of Bharhut and the world renowned Khajuraho temples which is noteworthy of Satna tourism. The sheer abundance of limestone and dolomite in Satna make it one of the largest cement producing districts in the world. There are several cement factories in Satna making cement production the main contributor to the local economy.

Tourist places in and Around Satna

Attractions in Satna district include a mix of religious and ancient culture. Among the religious destinations, Chitrakoot Dham and Maihar are very important while others include the Sai Baba Mandir in Dhawari, Sharadha Devi Temple, Venkatesh Temple.

Other attractions include the Madhavgarh Fort, Gidhakoot and Jagatdev Talab. While in Satna, one must not miss out on eating the locally famous Poha-Jalebi, Lotan ki Mungaudi and Dahi Vada.

Best time to visit Satna

Typical of the climatic characteristics in most of Madhya Pradesh, Satna experiences soaring temperatures in summer, pleasant downpour in the monsoons and chilly weather in the season of winter. The months between October and March are the best and busiest for Satna tourism.

How to reach Satna

Satna is well-connected by all three modes of transport – air, rail and road. While it has a small airport, even the nearby city of Jabalpur has an airport from where one can travel to Satna by road. Lying on a strategic route, Satna is conveniently accessible by road as well as trains.

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