Bharhut Stupa, Satna

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The Bharhut Stupa lies in the erstwhile state of Nagod and present day Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. Built in the year 150 B.C., the Bharhut Stupa is marvellously built with meticulousness and stands as testimony to the rich culture of ancient India.

The Stupa narrates momentous tales from the period when it was constructed. It tells the tale of Lord Buddha’s journey to enlightenment, the yakshas, details everyday life during this period and many such minute details.

The railings of the Bharhut Stupa were carved impressively out of red stone and add beauty to it. Today all that is left are the relics of this exemplary site. Some remains of the Bharhut Stupa are being preserved at the Indian Museum in Kolkata. However, the Bharhut Art Gallery showcases the splendour of the Stupa through imitations and pictorial depictions.

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