Bharhut Art Gallery, Satna

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Bharhut Art Gallery is dedicated to the cause of highlighting the Bharhut Stupa which is a significant Buddhist monument that is now in ruins. The art gallery showcases an impressive collection of some rare photographs, images and imitations of the Stupa. At a walking distance from the Satna bus station, the Bharhut Art Gallery promises a memorable experience for those passionate about ancient history and art.

The photographs portray the culture and life of the days of yore. Some of the unique pieces one can find here are Prasenjit and Ajatshatru pillars that depict scenes from popular mythical and historical chronicles, portrayal of the age old beliefs, etc. The exhibits at the gallery weave out a delightful story and transport the viewer into the glories of an era bygone. The Bharhut Art Gallery is indeed a must visit for tourists visiting Satna.

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