Chitrangi Bhavan, Rajahmundry

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Chitrangi Bhavan is named after the great Chalukya King Raja Raja Narendra's second wife Chitrangi. It was built by the king for his wife and is situated on the banks of the river Godavari. Several myths surround the serene and majestic setting of the Chitrangi Bhavan. It is quite close to the famous Chalam residence. According to legend, Chitrangi was originally meant to be King Raja Raja Narendra's son's wife. But due to a turn of events, was married by the King himself. As the story goes, Chitrangi, who was unable to subdue her feelings for the Prince Sarangadhara, made him visit her inside the Chitrangi Bhavan in the King's absence. The prince refused to submit to her advances much to Chirangi's dismay. In a fit of spite, Chitrangi complained to the king that the prince had molested her. As a result, the Prince had his limbs cut off by the King as punishment. The Palace in itself is very old and a place that must be visited once you are at Rajahmundry.


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