Aanamkalakendram, Rajahmundry

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Aanamkalakendram is the only indoor stadium in the city of Rajahmundry. It was established by the Anam family and is maintained by the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation. It has been an avenue for the exposition of various indigenous forms of art since its opening and has promoted the growth of several forms of art that are practised nowhere else in the world. It is currently under the control of the District Collector and the Commissioner. The Aanamkalakendram underwent a process of renovation during the Nandi Natakotsavams of 2008. It has greatly supported the growth of theatre through such cultural festivals and has attracted artists from far and wide. It would be a good idea to visit the Aanamkalakendram to capture the full glory of the thriving art movement in Rajahmundry.


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