Aryabhata Science and Technology Society, Rajahmundry

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Aryabhatta Science and Technology Society was inaugurated on 20th of November, 2006 in Rajahmundry. It is located on the Andhra Pradesh Housing Board Colony and is easily approachable from the city. It houses a wide range of scaled down models which are of interest to the science buffs. Among the models displayed here include a 36 foot long model of an aeroplane made in concrete. The Aryabhatta Science and Technology Museum also houses a detailed list of scaled down models and even includes a planetarium, built specifically for the purpose of inculcating interest among the students in the study of Astronomy. Several specimens of marine creatures and reptiles have also been preserved here by the society and can be viewed by the public during working hours of the Museum. The main aims of the society include the upgradation of the quality of life of the poor by undertaking suitable activities to improve their standards of living.




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