Punalur Suspension Bridge, Punalur

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Punalur Suspension Bridge was built by Albert Henry across the Kallada River in the year 1877. This bridge was made for vehicle movements and was made by suspending huge spans. The Punalur Suspension Bridge took more than six years to complete. Story goes that people were hesitant to walk on the bridge and hence the engineer and his family passed under the bridge in a country boat while six elephants walked on the bridge to gain the trust of the people.

The bridge was constructed with the aim of preventing wild animals intruding the human settlements of Punalur which was then covered with dense thick forest on one side. A concrete bridge would allow the animals to pass, but a suspension bridge would not. This is because of the fact that the bridge would start shaking if someone passed on it and this will scare the wild animals away. The bridge is supported by four deep wells, and the iron rods of the bridge are connected to the clips in the well. Each of these wells is about 100 feet deep.


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