Mini Zoo, Ponmudi

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Mini Zoo is yet another add-on destination for travelers who visit the hilly terrain of Ponmudi. The zoo is located in close proximity to Ponmudi and one can reach the zoo by trekking to the north of the Ponmudi crest. The Barasingha or Swamp Deer is the major attraction of this Mini Zoo.

The zoo is abundant in exotic fauna and marvels the visitor with its scenic beauty as it remains close to the forest. This is a perfect destination where you can take your children to for they will find this place exciting. Travelers can indulge in trekking and the zoo is open around the year. Photography, strolling and hiking are the other activities visitors can engage in.

One can add knowledge to leisure by visiting this Mini Zoo. With many wildlife wonders folded within, this zoo serves as an ideal location for families, children, couples, youngsters and wildlife enthusiasts.


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