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Pleasant climatic conditions characterize the weather in Ponmudi. The best time to visit this hilly terrain is from October to March. Visiting this place during summer can be rejuvenating. A visit immediately after the monsoons when the hill tracts are carpeted with luxurious greenery is also highly recommended.


Summer season starts in Ponmudi from March lasts till late May. This is the peak tourist season since it provides a perfectly soothing weather amidst the heat of summer. During summer Ponmudi witnesses massive temperature variations ranging from 21°C to 34°C. Temperature hits its high during the month of May.


Monsoon rains starts from early June and Ponmudi gets extensive rainfall till early September. Temperatures remain in twenties during the daytime and nights get chiller. Heavy monsoon can hinder the accessibility to this region as roads might be in bad condition. A visit to Ponmudi during monsoon season is not recommended.


Winter season commences in Ponmudi from November and is extended to February. Like all other hill stations, the temperature during winter drops significantly. December is the coolest month of the year. Those who plan to visit Ponmudi during winter are advised to fill their backpacks with winter outfits.