Pochampally: The Silk City of India

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Pochampally, a town situated in the Nalgonda district of Telengana, is popularly referred to as the Silk City of India because of the high-quality silk sarees that are woven at Pochampally. Pochampally is a famous town not only because of its sarees, but also because of the interesting amalgamation of culture, tradition, heritage, history and modernity that is unique to the place. This scenic town is situated amidst hills, palm-trees, lakes, ponds and temples. The town is bustling with activity as people go about their work. However, their work does not distract them from giving a warm welcome to the guests. In fact, many foreign tourists end up spending weeks at Pochampally in order to learn the craft of making silk sarees.

The town has a very interesting piece of history attached to it. This incident that occurred at Pochampally became the backbone of a very significant movement in India post independence. Vinobha Bhave visited the town in the year 1951, and he was given a warm reception by the people of Pochampally. The people asked for 80 acres of land for themselves and their families. One of the landlords' of Pochampally named Vedre Ramchandra Reddy generously offered 250 acres of land to the people. It was this incident that sparked off the Bhoodan movement or the movement of donating land. Since then the town has always been referred to as Bhoodan Pochampally.

Tourist places in and around Pochampally

Some interesting places to visit in Pochampally are the Vinobha Mandir and the 101 Darwaja House. With its interesting history, unique culture and prospects for shopping, the small town of Pochampally attracts travelers from across the globe.

How to reach Pochampally

The town is easily accessible via road from Hyderabad and has no airport or railway station.

Pochampally weather

Pochampally experiences tropical climate like the rest of Telengana with summers being extremely hot and winters being cool.

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