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101 Darwaja House, Pochampally

The 101 Darwaja House is an interesting piece of heritage building in the town of Pochampally. The building is believed to be at least 150 years old and was constructed by the Village Revenue Chief. The house has been named so because of the 101 doors and windows built in the building that all open to scenic views.

The building is a favourite with the tourists who are keen to see for themselves a house with so many openings. However, for security purposes not all doors and windows are left opened. If you are lucky, you can coax the security guard to open a few more of them for view.

Each and every opening in the house gives you a pleasant view of the surroundings. This is the uniqueness of the house. The building has now been converted into a school, Shanthi Nikethan, for the local children. Visitors are allowed into the building only on certain days of the week and between fixed timings.

101 Darwaja House Photos