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Phek Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Phek

  • 01Khezhakeno


    A visit to a small village in the Phek district can be one of the most memorable trips for tourists. Khezhakeno is a legendary village with history and mythology all mingling and becoming one. It is believed that many Naga tribes have originated from Khezhakeno and migration led them to the other parts of the region. According to another popular legend, the village has a stone slab from which paddy miraculously multiply when placed on any drying land.

    Though the stone is still found in the village, the magic and the mystery is not there anymore. Tourists can reach the legendary village of Khezhakeno from Tadubi in Manipur or Pfutsero in the Phek district. Roads are the main communication lifeline to this village and taxis can easily be availed from the above towns. Khezhakeno is about 22 kilometres from the district headquarters of Phek and falls under the jurisdiction of the Pfutsero tehsil.

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  • 02Shilloi Lake

    The most prominent tourist attraction in the Phek district, Sillio Lake, is a beautiful, mesmerising waterbody shaped as a footprint. The Sillio Lake is also known as the Latsam by the locals. The enchanting location of the lake makes a visit to it worthwhile. Located on the lower slopes of the Patkai Range bordering Myanmar, the lake has an area of 0.25 to 0.30 sq km. The depth of the lake is 4 metres.

    An old, eerie tale masks the beauty of the lake and the villagers fervently tell the story. According to legends, a couple mysteriously lost their girl child near the river and despite much effort couldn’t bring her back from the centre of the lake. It is believed that the young girl became the queen of the lake and was called Latsam. Because of the story, the lake is still not used for drinking, irrigation or fishing.

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