Mallikarjuna Temple, Pattadakal

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Mallikarjuna Temple is an ancient temple that was built during the 7th century by Trilokyamahadevi, the second queen of Vikramaditya. She gave the orders to build this temple after the completion of Virupaksha Temple to honour her husband's win over the Pallavas. This structure is quite similar to the Virupaksha Temple in terms of design and elevation and represents its Dravidian architectural style as well. It is on the must visit lists of all travelling taking a tour of Pattadakal.

This temple includes an antechamber (antarala) with a sub-shrine, a sabha-mandapa and a sanctum (garbhagriha) with a circumambulatory path. Presently, the sub-shrines that were once devoted to Mahisasuramardhini and Ganesha are empty. Important events from purans and epics had been carved on pillars of the sabha-mandapa. Nandi-mandapa is another attractive feature of the Mallikarjuna Temple, which epitomises beautiful architectural style of ancient times. Its basement is embellished with intricate carvings of elephants, horses and other animals.

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