Jain Temple, Pattadakal

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The Jain Temple of Pattadakal, locally known as Jaina Narayana, was constructed in 9th century AD by the Rashtrakutas belonging to Manyakheta. They followed the Dravidian style of architecture while constructing this temple. This structure has been built on a plinth with triple mouldings that have recesses and projections. It is among the most important tourist attractions of the area and must be visited by all travellers going through Pattadakal.

According to a popular belief, this Jain Temple was sanctioned by King Amoghavarsha or his son Krishna II. The structure has three storeys; the lower two storeys are still operational. Tourists visiting this temple can see an antechamber (antarala), a porch (mukha-mandapa), a hall (mandapa) and a square sanctum along with the circumambulatory path.

The exterior portions of kakshasana (the balcony seat) are embellished with bas-relief figures of dancers, nidhis, vyalas and purna-ghata. Figures of large elephants with mahouts can be seen on the walls of the hall. The entrance of the hall is adorned with purna-ghatas, six bands with Sankanidhi and Padmanidhi. In addition to all these, devotees can view the massive pillars in antarala and the hall.

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