Kadasiddhesvara Temple, Pattadakal

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Kadasiddhesvara Temple, which was built circa 7th century AD, has been constructed on an elevated plinth with five mouldings. This temple is popular among tourists for its sculpture of Lord Shiva with a Trident or Trishul in one hand. The twin temple of Kadasiddhesvara is Jambulingeswara Temple, which is another popular feature of the site and was built at the same time. Both the temples represent the Nagara architectural style and have striking resemblance with the Hucchimalli Guddi at Aihole.

This temple has a square sanctum or garbhagriha that enshrine a linga on pitha, rectangular mandapa and an astylar. The rekhanagar-style superstructure with curvilinear profile has a rudimentary sukanasa projection. Tourists will notice that the sukanasa represents dancing Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in chaitya-arch. The niches found on walls of the sanctum have the beautiful images of Harihara (west), Ardhanariswara (north) and Siva (south). It is suggested that all tourists travelling to Pattadakal must visit this temple.

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