Galganatha temple, Pattadakal

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Galganatha Temple is situated to the north of Virupaksha, which was built in the early 8th century AD. Upon entering the premises of this temple, devotees can view the Shukanasa and Navaranga as well as a sanctum that houses a Shiva Linga, along with a circuit pathway that was built around the sanctum. Small statues of Kubera and Gajalakshmi have been placed within Galganatha Temple. It is amongst the most popular sites located in and around Pattadakal region and must be visited by all tourists.

This temple was constructed on a plinth with three mouldings that present chaitya-arch motifs as well as playing dwarves. Visitors can see the sculpture of Lord Shiva slaying the demon Andhakasura in the pavilion of this temple. On a closer look, devotees would notice that the eight-armed God is wearing a wreath of human skulls and is piercing Andhakasura with a trishul. The exterior sanctum walls are embellished with niches or devakostas that were produced by well-designed pilasters. Doorframe of the outer chamber showcases Shiva in dancing stance on lintel and river goddesses at the base.

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