Manjinikkara Church, Pathanamthitta

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Manjinikkara Church is a pilgrim centre. It is built in Manjinikkara, about 4 km away from Pathanamthitta town. The Holy Patriarch of Anthiod, Mar Ignatius Elias III, visited India in 1931. When the famous Patriarch reached Manjinikkara, he was amazed by the beauty of the place and commented, “This place offers us much comfort; we desire to remain here permanently.” The holy man left for his heavenly abode in Manjinikkara on 13 February 1932. The holy tomb of late Ignatius Elias III was preserved at the Manjinikkara Church. As a result, the church became significant. Later this place got converted into a pilgrim centre. Ormaperunnal is the annual festival which is celebrated in February.


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