Kadamanitta Devi Temple, Pathanamthitta

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Kadamanitta Devi Temple is situated at a small village called Kadamanitta which is 6 km away from the town of Pathanamthitta. This temple is noteworthy for the event of Padayani. Padayani is a ten-day-long ceremonial dance performance. The word means “a row of warriors.” Though Padayani is conducted in many Bhagavati temples in many parts of Kerala, this event is more astounding and prominent in this Devi Temple. It is performed as a part of the annual temple festival held in the month of April. The most important day of this festival is the 8th day when all the Kolams or masks are exhibited together. A sojourn to the Kadamanitta Devi Temple is a must during the festive season when the whole village comes together to celebrate.


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