Light House, Paradip

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Light House is a magnificent 40m RCC circular tower that can be visited in the evening. With one of the major ports being set up in Paradip in the 1960s, the need for a light house arose, and that is how the Paradip Light House was established in 1987. A year after the setup, M/s Asia Navigation Aids, New Delhi, supplied for this light house a three-panel PRB-21 equipment.

In 1992, a technologically advanced equipment for Radio Beacon supplied by M/s Marine And Communication Electronics (MACE) commenced transmission. In fact, this was a replacement for a nearby Radio Beacon at the False Point Light House which had to be discontinued owing to logistic issues. Today, the Paradip Light House offers logistic assistance to the False Point Light House. If you ever visit this Light House, do not forget to visit the Paradip Sea Beach and Paradip Port which are at a stone’s throw from this place.

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