Panna National Park, Panna

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Panna National Park lies close to the city of Panna but is part of the Chhatarpur district of M.P. it is the fifth tiger reserve park in the state and twenty second in the country. The park has even been awarded the best maintained national park in the country by the Ministry of Tourism. Apart from the tigers, the National Park is the natural home of many other animals as well.

The park is very interestingly located; the end of the park forms the end of the tropical and sub-tropical forest belt and the start of the moist deciduous forests that belong to the Indo-Gangetic Plain. This point also sees the start of the forest of the Teak trees. One can easily spot chitals, sloth bears, sambhars and chinkaras in the national park other than the majestic tigers. There are also a variety of birds living in the park including the King Vulture, the Honey Buzzard, the Bar-headed Goose and the Blossom-headed Parakeet.



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