Pandav Caves and Falls, Panna

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Pandav Caves and Falls are located at a distance of about 12km from the main city of Panna and lie very close to the National Park. It is easy to reach the falls since they are very near to the national highway. The falls originate from the local springs and are touted as the best feature of Panna tourism.

The falls flow throughout the year regardless of the season, and it is indeed a pleasure to visit the falls during monsoons. The falls are around 100 ft in length and fall a huge pool at the end of their fall.

Located at the base of the falls are the famous Pandav Caves where legend has it that the Pandava brothers took refuge when they were exiled. The area surrounding the caves and the falls is a treat for the sore eyes and has become a famous picnic spot among locals and tourists alike.

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