Ken Gharial Sanctuary, Panna

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Ken Gharial Sanctuary is an important sanctuary of India that was established keeping in mind the need to protect the Indian gharials that are fast becoming an endangered species. It lies close to the city of Panna. The sanctuary is beautifully located and is surrounded by forests on all sides and running through the sanctuary is the 45 km-long River Ken.

In fact, the sanctuary witnesses the convergence of the two rivers Khuddar and Ken. The sanctuary, which was opened to public in 1985, is the natural home of many reptiles apart from the gharials that grow up to an impressive length of 6m.

On the sandy banks of the rivers one can spot chinkara, chitals, wild boars, peacocks and blue bulls. Tourists with children should definitely visit the sanctuary as it will be a learning and exciting experience for the kids. The sanctuary is left open for the tourists on all days from sunrise until sunset.

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