Sri Raghunatha Temple, Nizamabad

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The Sri Raghunatha Temple, located in the town of Nizamabad, is a famous place of worship for the local Hindus. The temple is open on all days and sees a large influx of devotees as well as tourists who visit the temple to pray and seek blessings.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, who is one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. there is an idol of Lord Rama who is worshipped at the temple along with His consort Devi Sita and His brother Lakshman. Lakshman is worshiped at the temple, because he followed Rama and Sita into the jungle to live the life of a hermit for 14 years, and also helped Lord Rama fight Ravana and his army of demons to rescue Sita. The temple also has an idol of Lord Hanuman who is considered to be the ‘param bhakt’ or supreme devotee of Lord Rama and Devi Sita.




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