Nizam Sagar Dam, Nizamabad

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The Nizam Sagar Dam lies in the district of Nizamabad and has been built over the River Manjira that is one of the many tributaries of the river Godavari. The dam is located on the north western side of the capital city of Hyderabad and is approximately 145 kilometers from the city. It lies between the two towns of Achampet and Banjapalle, which come under the Nizamabad district.

The Nizam Sagar dam has been constructed over a large area of land and is 3 km in length as it stretches between the two towns. The main idea of building this huge structure was to provide water for irrigation to the towns coming under Nizamabad district.

Today, the site of the dam is an important tourist attraction mainly because of the 14 feet wide traffic road that has been built over the dam. From the road one can take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds the dam.


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