Barah shaheed dargah, Nellore

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Barah Shaheed Dargah is a famous mausoleum which is located in Sulurpet, Nellore District. It was erected in memory of 12 great martyrs or Shaheeds. It is believed that every wish of the devotee who comes to pay his respects here will be fulfilled. Moharram is a very important time of the year in this Dargah. Every year, during the time of Moharram, a three day festival known as the Rottela Panduga is observed here at the Dargah.

The Barah Shaheed Dargah is located very close to the sea. It is only five kilometres away from the seashore. It is advisable to visit and stay overnight at the Dargah during the period of Amavasya.


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