Dharavi Leather Shopping, Mumbai

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Dharavi may be notorious as Asia’s largest slum, fact of the matter is this couldn’t be far from the truth. For good for bad Dharavi, over the years, has managed to emerge a winner in one particular area that strikes interest across the globe – Affordable Leather Shopping.

Now picture this, you’re in the market for a premium Cerruti Leather Wallet, but with a limited budget. Dharavi’s the place to be. What’s better is, that even though Dharavi may deal in certain imitations, the quality is amazing, in most cases better than the original, and this isn’t a mere overstatement.

Most people in Mumbai swear by the durability of the products sold here. If you’re not an Indian beware, Dharavi shop owners are always looking for westerners to make money off, so make sure you take a friend along.

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