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  • 01Hart Point

    Hart Point

    The Hart Point offers a panoramic view of the green plains and peaceful villages in the surrounding area. A famous spot in Matheran, it provides for a breathtaking sight of the Western Ghats mountain ranges and Mumbai’s nightlife. This site is tranquil and unspoiled, away from the tirade of a normal life, and its serene ambience makes it the perfect spot for relaxation or to spend a quiet evening with your loved one.

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  • 02Charlotte Lake

    Charlotte or Sharlott Lake is located in Matheran. A famous holidaying spot in Matheran, the lake is surrounded by the Pisarnath Temple that lies to its right, an ancient temple that sees several devotees annually.

    A hot spot during the monsoons, this lake has the Louisa Point and the Echo Point in its vicinity. It is a hub of tourist activity, with many species of birds visible at all times. The Lake serves as the main source of potable, drinking water for the small town of Matheran and the nearby areas.

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  • 03Shivaji's Ladder

    Shivaji's Ladder

    Shivaji’s Ladder is a must-watch destination. Amongst one of the major attractions in the region of Matheran, it is a connecting link from One Tree Hill Point to the Matheran Valley, shaped in the form of steps of a ladder.

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  • 04Porcupine Point

    Porcupine Point

    The Porcupine Point – famously known as the Sunset Point – is a captivating spot in Matheran. It has got its name after the Porcupine Bird that it is closely said to resemble. Cathedral Rocks are a nearby attraction that can be seen from here. This spot provides for a fantastic view of the setting sun and the Prabalgad Fort.

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  • 05Prabal Fort

    Prabal Fort

    Prabal Fort is a significant fort of historical importance during the Maratha reign and the Mughal period. This fort is famed to have treasure at the point and time when Chhatrapati Shivaji captured it. It is based in Matheran.

    This ancient monument is sadly in ruins presently, but it still resonates the strong cultural and architectural influence the Marathas had on our Indian culture. Atop the fort is a small, artificial pond. Despite the degeneration of the fort, there still remains three towers of the fort that can be explored by tourists.

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