Sultan Battery, Mangalore

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Sultan Battery is situated in Boloor, 4 km from Mangalore city. The place is known for the watch tower located amidst the beauty of nature supposedly constructed by the emperor Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan built the tower 15 years before his death in 1784 A.D. The place was previously known as Sultan's Battery, the word Battery meaning firing of canons.

The place built of black stones was constructed to obstruct war ships from entering the river which was the major route for English invasion but was then retrieved from English by Tipu Sultan. Though the place holds the watch tower, it looks much like a fort with mounting places for canyons.

There is an underground storage area under the tower which was used to store gun powder. This reminds us of the significance the place held as it was the major dockyard and arsenal of the ruler. It was also a naval station and this place was of great importance to the ruler as he used it to intercept enemy warships from docking.

If one climbs to the top of the watch tower by stairs, he can get a panoramic view of Arabian Sea which leaves the nature lovers in boundless joy. This place is a blend of natural and manmade beauty. It is now a deserted place but is gathering popularity among tourists because of the invading eternal bliss of the nature.

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