Mantra Surfing Club, Mangalore

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Mantra Surfing Club located at Mulki, 30 km north of Mangalore, is India's first surfing club which introduced the country to the International Surfing Community. It was started by Jack Hebner and Rick Perry in 2006 who are the pioneers of surfing in the east coast of United States. Surfing generally promotes health and the spiritual being.

Mantra Surfing Club is also an ashram. It is the members of the ashram that surfs. In the daily program along with surfing there is also meditation and chanting of mantras using a Japamala. This is where the surfing club is innovative about and stands unique. The main purpose of the club is maintaining a good spiritual health.

They also hold festivals during the year with the neighbour village. They also hold teachings on spiritual life and the spiritual way of living. It's been 15 years since they have launched this club but there are only 15 surfing members from India. That is why they are always on a high, inviting you to see and learn a whole new perspective of living.

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