Malik Mughis Masjid, Mandu

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Malik Mughis Masjid is one of the oldest Islamic places of religious worship in Mandu. The mosque was constructed around 1432 and is a part of historic buildings constructed around the 15th century in the area surrounding the Sagar Talao Lake.An intriguing feature of the mosque is that it was constructed from construction materials salvaged from other Hindu temples in the surrounding area.

The interior still shows remnants of beautiful mosaic tile work and Islamic calligraphy on the interior walls. Although the Malik Mughis Masjid is in a degree of ruin, it is easy to see the mosque in its entire splendor with a little imagination after touring the Jami Masjid and the mosque of Dilawar Khan, two other mosques from the same era.

The entrance porch has a dome missing but is a magnificent portal nonetheless. Tourists and those with an avid interest in history and Islam will find the mosque intriguing.


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