Dai ki Chotti Behen ka Mahal, Mandu

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Dai ki Chotti Behen ka Mahal is one of a group of monuments situated around the Sagar Talao. The monument is actually a mausoleum for the sister of a wet nurse. Wet nurses played an important role in the social upper crusts of ancient India. Wet nurses breast-feed and care for another woman’s child or children. Wet nurses were largely employed by the royal families of yesteryear for various reasons.

The wet nurse usually held positions of reasonable power and importance. Their positions were attributed to their ability to nourish and care for a member of the royal household. The important positions held by the wet nurses are reinstated through the monuments dedicated to the wet nurse and the sister of the wet nurse. Dai ki Chotti Behen ka Mahal literally translates into the wet nurse’s sister’s palace.

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