Dai Ka Mahal, Mandu

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Dai Ka Mahal is an important tourist hotspot. Mandu was a prosperous kingdom, the validation of the claim is evident in the resplendent monuments, palaces and buildings that have survived the ravages of time. Of interest, amidst the array of dated buildings in the city, is the Dai Ka Mahal. ‘Dai’ literally translates into wet nurse.

Wet nurses were frequently employed by royalty across cultures and around the world for various reasons. The wet nurses were entrusted to care for, and nourish young infants while the members of royalty went about their duties and in cases where the biological mother was for some reason unable to breastfeed the child.

This position of power is reinstated in the mahals or palaces enjoyed by the wet nurses. Other than the Dai Ka Mahal, the Dai ki Chotti Behen ki Mahal seems to reinforce the social strata of power that wet nurses enjoyed in Mandu.

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