Chhappan Mahal Museum, Mandu

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Chappan Mahal Museum is a showcase of tribal arts and crafts and ancient artefacts. As a recent addition to the geography of Mandu, all the latest technological advancements such as audio and visual aids to the exhibits, lighting arrangements have been deployed in the museum. The State Archeological Department was consulted in the layout of the museum and procurement of the exhibits displayed in the museum.

References to each and every exhibit displayed in the museum make the visit worthwhile. Given the involvement of the State Archeological Department in the museum, the authenticity of the artefacts is assured.

The district administration of Dhar, in order to further the tourist influx into Dhar initiated many projects like an electric sub-station, Ashmadha, Roopayan showroom, Spardha adventure point, signboards, youth hostel amongst many others. One such project initiated by the administration is the Chappan Mahal Museum.




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