Chaubis Khamba Temple, Mandu

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The Chaubis Khamba Temple recognized today as an architectural wonder was constructed somewhere in the ninth or tenth century AD. As we all know, temples and places of religious worship have enjoyed dominant positions in society since the inception of recorded history and Chaubis Khamba Temple is no exception.

The time of construction of such an impressive structure makes it all the more awe-inspiring.The temple has an imposing entrance, often overshadowing the temple itself. Two sculptures on either side of the entrance guard the temple making for a spectacle that is hard to replicate. The sculptures are of Goddesses, guardian deities Mahalaya and Mahamaya are grace personified.

The names of the Goddesses are inscribed into the steps leading up to the actual temple.The sheer magnificence of the entryway, plants the image of a superfluous compound enclosing the temple and its surrounding area. The enclosure is not however visible today due to the ravages of time and nature.


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