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  • 01Malshej Falls

    Malshej Falls

    The Malshej Ghat is popular for its exotic natural beauty. The Malshej Falls is just one of the many marvels the region has to offer.

    During the monsoons, the Malshej Falls transform into a heavenly resort with waterfalls cascading down the rocks. The gush of water and the charm of the rains added to the scintillating scenery that the Malshej Falls provide makes for an eye-catching sight that stays in your memory for a lifetime.

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  • 02Harishchandragad


    The Harishchandragad Fort is a historic monument placed in Malshej Ghat that dates back to the 6th century. Located at a height of 1424 m, the fort provides as a popular trekking centre for adventurous tourists. This magnificent fort proves to be a challenging trek uphill for nature lovers and adventure junkies alike.

    The Harishchandragad Peak nearby is a major tourist attraction. While you’re there, try dropping a coin from here. Given the semi circular rock shape, the coin will not only defy gravity but be blown in the upward direction from the basin due to the atmospheric pressure down there.

    The fort, meanwhile, is believed to have been constructed under the Kalachuri Dynasty. There is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu found in the fort premises. The old Buddhist caves found nearby are another major attraction here.

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  • 03Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

    Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

    The Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is a 5 km long dam that is situated in the Malshej Ghat, and is built over the mesmerizing Pushpawati river. The dam is situated in a very scenic backdrop giving a panoramic view of the surrounding to visiting tourists.

    There are plenty of birds that visit this site, like the Alpine Swift, the Whistling Thrush, the Quail, the Purple Moorhen and the Pied Crusted Cuckoo. Any bird watcher will be delighted by the haven of birds that can be observed here. There are several migratory birds like the Flamingos that can be seen here too.

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  • 04Trekking


    Malshej Ghat provides for an excellent region for trekking given its location in the hilly terrains of the Sahayadri Ranges. The trek takes you close to Mother Nature and helps you admire her mystical beauty a great deal more. Malshej Ghat provides with plenty of trekking routes for beginners as well as expert trekkers who are looking for some challenge.

    The Darkoba Hills are the tallest mountains in the locality. The Ajoba Hill, the Jivdhan Chavand Fort and the Nane Ghat are other favourite trekking spots. Tourists who are looking to combine trekking with a little religious tour should opt for the Ozhar and Lenyadri routes. Both these stations are religious holy spots that house famous Ganpati Temples.

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