Thirunavaya Temple, Malappuram

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Thirunavaya Temple, also known as Thirunavaya Nava Mukunda Kshetram, is an ancient temple having great historical importance. The temple is scenically placed on the banks of River Bharathapuzha and draws devotees from all over Kerala. It is situated in a small village named Thirunavaya, a place marked in the ancient history of Kerala as the location for the most renowned Mamamnkam Festival.

The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu, who is worshipped in the form of Nava Mukundan. Sub shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Lakshmi can be seen inside the temple complex. The temple was known in ancient times as Vedic learning center and scholars from all over south India believed to have visited this place. During the period of Mysorean invasion, the temple was ravaged and looted by the army of Tipu Sultan but later regained its glory. Thirunavaya Temple is located 8 km away from Tirur town and is accessible by road.


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