Kurnool Fort or Konda Reddy Buruju, Kurnool

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Kurnool Fort also known as Konda Reddy Buruju is one of the most prominent landmarks of the Kurnool city. Built by Achyuta Devarayalu of the Vijaynagar Empire, the fort is located in the centre of the city and is a major tourist attraction. The only part left of the splendid architectural structure is the Konda Reddy Buruju. In the very prison of this fort, Konda Reddy took his last breath hence the tower was dedicated to his name. Although the fort is largely in ruins, some of the ruined portions are still standing strong. One of them is the Erra Buruju.

Two small ancient temples are located at the foot of this Buruju. The temples are dedicated to Goddess Yellamma. It is believed that there are hidden treasures in this Buruju. Many a failed attempts have been made to discover this treasure. There are also many amusing inscriptions and carvings in this fort.




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