Mirjan Fort, Kumta

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Travellers are advised to visit Mirjan Fort, which is situated at banks of River Aganashini over an area of 4.1 hectare. Best known for its beautiful architecture, it is a double walled fort built using laterite stones and has high walls and bastions with high turrets.

It is believed that Mirjan Fort had once witnessed various battles and has number of stories attached to it. There is one main and three additional entrances to the fort. Several interlinked wells are present in the fort; these wells have access channels that reach the circular moat that used to surround the structure.As per legends, it is said that in 16th century Queen Chennabhairadevi of Gersoppa built and lived in this fort for around 54 years.

Currently, the fort is in ruined state, though Architecture Survey of India (ASI) is, now, looking after the attraction and planning to restore the entrance, darbar hall, secret passage and market place. In the vicinity, there is a large tree, where the stone figures of Hindu Lords and Goddesses can be seen.

Some of the ancient findings like 1652 gold coins that also has an inscription, around 50 iron bullets, Sarpamallika dynasty coins and earth pots and many others.

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