St.Mary's Church,Cheriapally, Kumarakom

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St.Mary's Church, one of the most frequented Christian worship centers near Kumarakom, is located at a distance of about 12 km from the heart of Kottayam. The church holds a history of many centuries and was built in the year of 1579. The church is a major religious center for Malankara Orthodox Christians.

History goes that the church was constructed as a solution to a dispute that erupted between two groups of Christians, namely, the Knanaya Christians and the Vadakkum Bhagar. Raja of Thekkumkur granted the Vadakkum Bhagar another piece of land to build a church. Thus, the church was constructed under the guidance of the King.

The church attracts travelers and art lovers with its unique architectural style. The architecture and the structure of the church testify to both Kerala and Portuguese techniques. The walls of the church are decorated with paintings that depict Christian as well as Non-Christian themes. The major annual of this church is Vithukalude Perunnal (also known as the Festival of Seeds) which is celebrated on January 15.


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