Dhoula Wali Mata, Kathua

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Dhoula Wali Mata is a temple located at an elevation of about 6000 ft in the district of Kathua. Situated at a distance of around about 10 km from the Jodia Di Mata Temple, this religious site can is easily accessible by trekking.

Devotees can trek from Bhoond (Basohli), Katli (Billawar), and Banhore (Mahanpur). Legend has it that once a shepherd had a dream of Mata coming to Madhi Dhar, where goddess appeared in front of him in form of a little girl.

Since then he regularly started going to Madhi Dhar, but once it snowed so heavily that he could not go. Then goddess decided to go to the place where now Dhouli Wali Mata Temple is situated.

The shepherd constructed a temple at this site dedicated to the goddess. People visit this temple mostly during Navratras, a nine-day Hindu festival celebrated twice in a year in the months of April and October.

Devotees can get regular buses from Jammu, Pathankote, Udhampur, and Kathua for Mahanpur, Bhoond, Billawar, and Basohli.

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