Billawar, Kathua

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Billawar is a tehsil in Kathua District which is also popular with the name of Balaur. The town of Billawar is located on the banks of two streams namely, Bhinni and Naaz. Created by Raja Bhopat Pal in 1598-1614, the town is famous for its ancient temples and monuments. The place was ruled by Basohli Rajas or the kings since its foundation and the royal descendants of this clan are called Billawarias. Mahabilvakeshwar Temple, earlier known as Hari Hara Temple is one of the most popular religious sites situated here, which is dedicated to Hindu God of Destruction, Lord Shiva.According to the mythology, the Pandavas, five brothers from the Hindu epic Mahabharata came to Billawar during the last days of their exile period. The bael or bilwa trees were found in abundance at this place so, the town got named as Billawar. The temple of Lord Shiva was constructed at the same place where Pandavas used to pray. Travellers can also sight an ancient idol of Hindu God Hanuman, the 11th Avatar of Lord Shiva, on a rock found in the river Naaz.

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