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Overa National Park, Kashmir

Overa National Park, also known as Overa-Aru Biosphere Reserve, is at a distance of 76 km from Srinagar. The park houses several endangered species like the musk deer, hangul, brown bear, koklas, leopards, and snow cocks. Situated at an altitude ranging from 3000 m to 5425 m, this park is a popular tourist destination.

The park has registered 13 species of mammals and 80 species of birds living in it so far. Different species of pheasants can also be found here. An extensively diverse wildlife attracts tourists from all over the world. Dense coniferous forests, consisting of chestnut trees, deodar trees, pine trees, and fir trees, envelope the area. Shrubs like viburnum spp, indigofera heterantha and sorbaria tomentosa are also found this region. Rumex patientia, nemone spp and primula spp are some of the different herbs that are found in this region.

The best time to visit the upper area of the park is between May and August. The period during March to May is favourable for visiting the lower areas.

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