Part One Most Trending Winter Destinations In India

Part One- Most Trending Winter Destinations in India 2022

Winter destinations in India are a great way to experience the country's natural beauty and culture, while also enjoying some of the best scenery in the world. India has several beautiful winter destinations that can be easily reached from major cities ...
A Brief Guide To The Manali Leh Road Trip

A Brief Guide To The Manali-Leh Road Trip

It is hard to apprehend the sheer magnitude of the Himalayas - while most of the world's great mountain ranges can be travelled inside a day or two, the Himalayas seem to go on forever. They fill the horizon like a ...
Most Expensive Places For Luxe Travellers In India

Most Expensive Places For Luxe Travellers In India

India is so vast with amenities that it offers options for both the extreme budget traveler and extreme luxury traveler who wants to experience the beauty of any place with so much royalty. A luxury travel experience is not a question ...
Kashmir Will Get Its First Ever Multiplex In Srinagar After Three Decades

Kashmir Will Get Its First-ever Multiplex In Srinagar After Three Decades

Cinemas will be permitted to operate in Kashmir as of early this September, for the first time in more than 30 years. The first multiplex in Kashmir will open in Srinagar's Shivpora area with three screens and with a seating capacity ...
Statue Of Peace Of Swami Ramanujacharya Unveiled In Srinagar Know Details

Statue of Peace of Swami Ramanujacharya unveiled in Srinagar; Know Details

Debanjon Union home minister Amit Shah today virtually inaugurated the ‘Statue of Peace' of Swamy Ramanujacharya in Srinagar, located in a temple in the Sonwar region, which is 4 feet tall. This grand opening happened via video conferencing by Amit Shah. ...
Amarnath Yatra Cloudburst Tragedy Helpline Available In Foreign Languages Too

Amarnath Yatra cloudburst tragedy - Helpline available in foreign languages too

Amarnath Yatra is often in the headlines, always for lord Shiva himself with their devotees and occasionally for the security arrangements, but this time it is in the headlines for the tragic incident, which we never pray to happen. As such, ...
List Of Oligotrophic Lakes In India

List Of India's Best Oligotrophic Lakes

Oligotrophic lakes are characterized by low dissolved oxygen content and high concentrations of nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and phosphates. Oligotrophic are those that receive less than 1.5 times the amount of nutrients that they release into the water. The nutrient levels ...
Remotest Locations In India That Are Open To Travelers

Remotest Locations In India That Are Open To Travelers

India is a vast country with diverse landscapes and cultures. It is one of the most visited countries in South Asia as it offers a variety of tourist attractions, ranging from mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes to wildlife sanctuaries. While most ...
Top Pet Friendly Destinations In India

Want to Travel With Your Pet? 5 Top Pet Friendly Destinations In India

By now you must have seen the Indian- Kannada movie "777 Charlie"? This movie tells us about the magic those four paws and little fur can do in any one's life and heal us from within by being our best psychiatrist. ...
Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Attractions Map Cost Distance And How To Reach

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek - this Monsoon visit the most beautiful trek in India

Do you know that Kashmir has been given another name Paradise on Earth? Jammu Kashmir which is located in the northernmost territory of the Indian Subcontinent is witnessing its "golden period" of tourism in 2022, said lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha, as ...
Best Holiday Destinations For Young Couples In India

10 Ideal Holiday Destinations For Couples In India

While it's easy to put off a vacation with your loved ones by blaming it on vocation, or scheduling confrontations, investing some much-needed time in each other is just what the love doctor would recommend. Rightly so, it is time to ...
Weekend Getaways From Srinagar

Weekend Getaways From Srinagar

Srinagar-the capital of Jammu and Kashmir-is a relatively calm and quiet city, offering little in terms of entertainment to the youth. Though the city offers scenic views and hiking options, what are people in Srinagar supposed to do if they want ...

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