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Shopping in Srikalahasti is a pleasurable experience and is definitely recommended for all. The place is very famous for its painting style which is known by the name Kalamkari. What is unique about this painting style is that it is done using only natural and safe dyes. These dyes are prepared from plants and vegetables and are therefore, eco-friendly. The colors that are prepared are absolutely bright and delightful. You can find the kalamkari paintings at the shops located in Sriram Nagar Colony and BP Agraharams. There are many other local crafts as well that will leave you impressed and asking for more.

In Srikalahasti, Lord Shiva is the most revered God and therefore, you will find shops abounding with merchandise depicting Lord Shiva. Many tourists as well as pilgrims buy a large number of religious items from the town because of religious significance attached to the place. Plenty of artifacts are available that can be put in the shrines of your house and used during festivals and religious ceremonies.


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