Prasanna Varadaraja Swamy Temple, Kalahasti

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Prasanna Varadaraja Swamy Temple in Srikalahasti is acclaimed as one of the prominent temples in South India. It lies in proximity to the Srikalahasti temple. In fact, the Prasanna Varadraja Swamy Temple is considered a sub-section of the Srikalahasteeswara temple. Thousands of tourists flock to the temple each year to seek the blessings of the Lord.

Recently the temple was in the news when renovation work was going on. Apparently, the authorities performing the renovation found a huge wooden door on one side of a room within the temple. On forcing the door open they saw priceless antiques covering the floor of the rather dingy room. The news of discovery of a treasure trove inside the temple spread like wild fire. Devotees and the curious people thronged the temple to catch a glimpse of the antique pieces. However it is said that they were denied entrance.


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