Chaturmukeshvara Temple, Kalahasti

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Chaturmukeshvara Temple in Srikalahasti is a small temple dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Brahma. The temple is a must visit because of the fantastic legend attached to the place that has associations with Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma did penance at the site of the temple to get rid of some sins that he had acquired, which resulted in him losing his ability to create. Brahma prayed to Lord Shiva and after being blessed by Shiva, was able to resume the task of creation of the universe.

The unique aspect of the temple is that the Linga or Shiva has four faces, facing different directions. The term ‘Chaturmukh’ means 'Four faces'. Many Shaivites come to the temple each year to glorify the powers of Lord Shiva and to seek his divine blessings. On the walls of the temple are engraved the many myths and legends associated with Lord Shiva.


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