The Adi Shankara Keerthisthambam, Kalady

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The Adi Shankara Keerthisthambam Mandapam was built by the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt. It is an eight-storey structure which leads to the Paduka Mandapam. There are two silver knobs that represent the padukka of the teacher. A padukka means wooden sandals of a teacher or a Guru. The memorial hall showcases various paintings which depicts the life history of Adi Shankracharya. These painting are worth seeing. The Mandapam has several statues of Ganapati and Adi Shankracharya. The Shrine is open to people of all religion. A stupa of Adi Shankra had eight sides. When you are aT Kalady, come here and pay your homage to the great Guru.


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