Kallil Devi Temple, Kalady

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Kallil Devi Temple is located 22 km away from Kalady. It is a Jain temple built in the 9th century. Kallil means Stone in Malayalam. The temple is located in a 28 acre plot and is cut out from huge rock. One has to climb 120 steps cut out in the rocks to reach the temple. The temple is owned by Kallil Pisharody family, Pisharody being a Brahmin caste which has its beliefs in Jainism. The main deity of worship is Durga Devi. The other deities of worship are Parshvanath, Mahavira, and Padmavati Devi also known as Bhagwathi Devi. The image of Brahma is carved on the rock.

In this temple the puja is never performed in the night and is usually performed during the day before noon. The temple closes after the puja is performed. The annual festival of the temple is celebrated for eight days during the month of November and December. A grand procession is carried out by carrying the idol of the deity on female elephants.


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