Linganamakki Dam, Jog falls

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Located 63 km from Jog Falls, Linganamakki Dam is a popular tourist spot in Sagara Taluk. A beautiful sight of forest-covered islands and hill slopes laden with greenery can be seen from this dam; however, photography is strictly prohibited. The ideal time to visit it is during the monsoon season.

It was built in the year 1964 under the supervision of Karnataka State Government. This 2.4 km long dam is located at a height of 1819 ft and sprawls over an area of 300 km square. Out of the total area, 50.62 km square is covered by wetland that is under water and 7 km square is dry land.

The dam is stretched across the River Sharavathi of Sagara taluk and was constructed to store around 4368 million m3 of water. It is the main feeder for the Mahatma Gandhi Hydro Electric Power Unit. Rainfall and the Chakra and Savahaklu Reservoirs are the main source of water to this dam and both reservoirs are connected to Linganamakki through a canal.

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