Krishnapura Chhatri, Indore

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Krishnapura Chhatri is located on the banks of River Khan. It is actually a cenotaph that has been constructed for one of the royal tombs of the members of the great Holkar dynasty. The specialty of the chhatri is the splendid architectural designs that have been created with precision and meticulous craftsmanship. The cenotaphs were constructed in the Maratha style of architecture.

They were decorated with spires and domes and these beautiful structures hold an attraction for the clients even today. Though ages have passed since these lovely structures were created, their charm has not lost the appeal among the public. Even today people flock in numbers to have a glimpse of such architectural wonders. At night, these chhatris are illuminated with light. Fountains have been constructed to add to the beauty of the place. A garden further adds to the beauty of the place and attracts the tourists.

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